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Software: bug free, on time, on budget

Fed up with bugs in your project releases? Frustrated with web software not working across the multitude of new devices cropping up every few days? Annoyed with the late delivery from your software team? Or embarrassed that bugs are being found by your customers?

What if you could get rid of mistakes from software you are having built, guaranteed? Too good to be true? In fact, this is a promise we can make to you right now, with our tried and tested solution, TrooCode.

Yes, others can make a guarantee, but what is the cost of their guarantee?

TrooCode both helps your developers to be correct first time, and it also gives you a guarantee of mathematical correctness in your web application, from the web browser all the way to the innards of server-side business logic.

We pass on this guarantee to you. A guarantee which is impossible to give with other technologies.

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